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Corrigan Consulting Profile

Corrigan Consulting was founded in 1996 with the goal of helping organizations with their information sharing needs. At the time, e-mail was quickly replacing fax and overnight services as the primary method for sending information to field staff, remote offices, customers and partners. Today, e-mail systems are considered mission critical applications at most organizations.

With the constant threat of hacker and virus attacks, e-mail systems present a unique challenge for organizations in today’s wired business community. Corrigan Consulting specializes in helping organizations ensure their e-mail environment is as reliable, available and secure as their other mission critical applications. In fact, with our solutions in place, our customers have not experienced a hacker or virus related e-mail system outage in the over fifteen years we have been in business.

In addition to basic e-mail information sharing, we help our customers explore other, often times more effective, ways of sharing information. Shared databases of documents, spreadsheets and project flow charts for project related activities. Shared database of meeting notes, call reports, letters and faxes for sales related activities. Custom workflow applications that ensure critical business processes are handled by everyone in a timely manner. Extranet solutions that help our customers forge stronger links with their customer base and help differentiate them from their competitors.

Here are some of our successes:
    • Customized sales system - enabled the field sales force at an international mining and materials company to enter and manage forecasts which ultimately improved their purchasing processing and manufacturing schedules.
    • Sharing legacy information - developed shared database with import from legacy system that provided secure access to key sales information for a worldwide field sales force.
    • Comprehensive litigation support system - in use at several law firms that enables attorneys and paralegals to effectively bring an entire case with them on their laptops with quick and easy search access to all relevant documents.
    • Web development / content management - our solutions have allowed several organizations to maintain their web sites internally, typically having secretaries and clerical people enter the content - HTML experience not required.
    • Intranet-based Expense Reporting - complete with an approval workflow, this application significantly streamlined the expense report approval process.
    • Call Tracking and Knowledge Base - enabling 8 support personnel to provide support for over 300 field technicians.
    • Extranet Solution - enabling customers to securely access over the Web real-time order status information, significantly reducing calls to Customer Service group.

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