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ClearMail - A Whitelist Anti-spam Solution for Notes and Domino

Finally, an anti-spam solution that works! Heard it all before? Read a little more and you will see why ClearMail is different. Read the whole page to learn why the other methods fail.

ClearMail takes the spam problem and turns it on its head by using an innovative whitelist method for filtering spam messages. With ClearMail's whitelist, e-mail from people or organizations who are on your whitelist is delivered normally into your Inbox. However, messages from people or organizations who are not on your whitelist are delivered into your spam folder. This means ClearMail delivers all of your messages to your mail file and it uses your whitelist to determine if the message should go in your Inbox or in your spam folder.

This method works well for two reasons. First, with ClearMail's whitelist import features, it's easy to build a relatively small list of people from whom you want to receive mail (the list is small relative to the hundreds of thousands of spammers with their constantly changing names). Second, you are the one who controls what mail is routed to your Inbox, not a blacklist or filter maintained by someone else. Since everyone has his or her own whitelist, everyone has total control over what mail is delivered to his or her Inbox.

Your spam folder can quickly be reviewed once or twice a day for legitimate e-mail. When a legitimate message from a new sender is found in your spam folder, with a simple button click, the message can be placed in your Inbox and the sender is automatically added to your whitelist. All the remaining spam messages can be discarded with a few keystrokes.

We encourage you to take ClearMail for a spin. We provide a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself how ClearMail's elegant simplicity really solves your spam issues. It takes less than an hour from download to a sparkling-clean, spam-free Inbox, so your cost for trying ClearMail is practically nothing.

More good news... when you decide to purchase ClearMail, it is very competitively priced at $20 per person, with discounts for large quantities. Even more good news... when you purchase ClearMail, there is only the one-time license fee. There is no annual maintenance for ClearMail. We built a solid product that requires very little support. Oh, and by the way, the whitelist method works as well today as it did three years ago when we first launched ClearMail.

In summary...
    • ClearMail is an easy to use whitelist-based anti-spam solution that actually works, which is good for your users.
    • ClearMail is very competitively priced with no annual maintenance, which is good for your financial management group.
    • ClearMail requires virtually no maintenance once it is set up, which is good for your technology group.

So what are you waiting for? Click this download link already and give ClearMail a try.

Here is how other anti-spam solutions work. And, here is why their methods fail...

Most spam filter software is based on one of two methods, either a black list (exclude list) method or content filtering.

A blacklist is just a list of known spammers. If your e-mail system is configured to use blacklists, then it will not deliver any e-mail coming from a mail system listed on a blacklist. (e.g. xyzzy@spam4ever.com, the "spam4ever.com" is the e-mail system). However, since spammers change addresses and domains on a regular basis, this list must constantly be maintained. The downside to blacklists is that your e-mail system will continue to deliver spam messages from "new" spam systems because they are not listed on the blacklist yet(e.g. xyzzy@morespam4ever.com). Also, on occasion your customer’s mail system (or worse, potential customer’s mail system) may get blacklisted by mistake. When this happens, your mail system will not deliver messages from your customer (or potential customer). The bad news is that, in most cases, you don't find out about this until a day or so later.

Content filtering software inspects each incoming message looking for specific words or patterns of words. If your mail system uses filters then it does not deliver any messages that match the words or word patterns set by the filter vendor or your e-mail administrators. The obvious flaw with this approach is that what the vendor or your e-mail administrators considers spam content may not be what you consider spam. What happens to legitimate senders who inadvertently include words or phrases that are trapped by your e-mail system's filter? These mail messages are blocked, possibly causing lost business from existing customers or from potential new customers. Kind of scary, huh?

Before developing ClearMail, we spent quite a bit of time investigating the various blacklists and filter solutions. Blacklists only stopped 50-60% of the spam messages coming into our mail system. This figure is consistent with industry reports we have read. Filters did a better job, approaching 90% or better in some cases. But we found that the filters that approached this high rate tended to suffer more "false positives" or legitimate messages flagged as spam and not delivered to the intended recipient. This figure is also consistent with industry reports we have read. High false positive rates were completely unacceptable in our opinion. Losing legitimate e-mails from customers or potential customers wasn't worth the risk of using a filter-based spam solution.

ClearMail stops virtually 100% of spam messages and there are no false positive issues as every message addressed to you gets delivered either into your Inbox or your spam folder. So, take your pick, a blacklist or filter based system with issues, or an innovative whitelist solution that works.

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