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SalesCor - CRM for Everybody

Are you interested in installing a CRM solution at your organization, but the cost always makes it seem out of reach? Well, maybe you should look at SalesCor. We set out to deliver a full-featured CRM solution with a price that everyone can afford. Our customers tell us we succeeded.

SalesCor is based on our popular Address Book application. We took this strong foundation and seamlessly integrated CRM processes to bring you SalesCor. So now, in addition to all of the benefits of our Address Book solution, you can...
    • Track all customer phone calls, meetings and correspondence in one searchable database.
    • Schedule follow-up to do items resulting from phone calls and meetings.
    • Track the status of follow-up items.
    • Easily create and send form letters as e-mail, paper mail or fax.
    • Enter all sales opportunities into one searchable database.
    • Define sales opportunity workflow by product line or by product.
    • Track the progress of sales opportunities over time.
    • View sales forecast by salesperson, by date or by product line.
    • Develop an online catalog of sales materials including product brochures, presentation files, price lists, newsletters and press releases.
    • Develop an online source of competitive information.
    • Develop an online knowledge base of product and services information.
    • Provide an electronic forum where anyone and everyone can post their questions and comments about your products and services.

This list of features is very empowering. With some soft adjustments to your business processes, SalesCor can have a tremendous impact on the difference you make for your customers and, curiously enough, your sales force. The key to this empowerment is this:
    The SalesCor used by your office staff is the exact same SalesCor used by your field staff.

This means the coordination between you office staff and field staff is completely seamless, everyone is truly working from the same page. Customer service, field sales, inside sales, field engineers, accounts receivable, field technicians, marketing and any other organization representative all use the same set of databases to manage your CRM Information Base.

You are already aware of the benefits CRM can make to your organization. Here are some benefits unique to SalesCor:
    • No more weekly/monthly sales reports - by updating opportunities and entering notes from phone calls and meetings on a daily basis, sales people are freed from writing weekly or monthly reports; the opportunity status and meeting and phone call details are already in SalesCor.
    • E-mail integration - Inbound and outbound e-mails can be captured in SalesCor giving you a complete record of customer correspondence.
    • Knowledge Base - over time, the SalesCor will become a priceless repository of customer and product/services information.
    • Reduced Training - new or reassigned staff can quickly get up to speed by reviewing information in SalesCor.
    • Retention of Organization Information - when people leave your organization, their customer and product/service knowledge stay behind in SalesCor.

The last two benefits alone ought to be worth the price of admission, don't you think?

So, lets review...
    • SalesCor is a CRM solution with seamless integration between your office staff and your field staff.
    • SalesCor provides, over time, an invaluable source of organizational knowledge.
    • SalesCor has features found in leading CRM solutions.
    • SalesCor is priced for everyone, something not found in leading CRM solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today. We'd love to talk to you about how SalesCor can make a difference for your customers. Which should make a difference for you.

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