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Amazingly Simple - ClearMailâ„¢

Corrigan Consulting's award winning ClearMail product will enable you to control virtually all spam and e-mail-borne viruses in a single product. An added feature of the product limits the size of inbound file attachments. All this without any changes to the Lotus Notes mail template.

ClearMail runs on Notes and Domino version 5.0.7 and above, all versions of Notes and Domino 6 and the newly released Notes and Domino 7. It installs on your Domino server and provides an automated client install feature so your Domino Administrator does not have to visit each desktop. It only takes about thirty minutes to install and configure on the server.

It really is amazingly simple! Be spam and virus free for 30 days -- click here to download a free trial version of ClearMail.

Spam, or unsolicited commercial e-mail, has increased dramatically over the last six months. Some estimates identify the cost to corporations at $1 per message, which could add up to thousands per person per year. Recent figures show this could be double or even more next year. There is no end in sight to the proliferation of spam.

E-mail viruses are even more insidious with world wide estimates at $960 million in clean up costs and over $7 billion in lost productivity for the I-Love-You virus alone, with other e-mail viruses posting similar numbers.

E-mail attachment size is clearly becoming an issue in much of corporate America. As servers are built with larger and larger storage and now that e-mail is being used to send very large attachments, many companies are finding performance issues with backup, bandwidth and storage media.

ClearMail easily addresses all three of these costly issues. Most add-on e-mail products only offer spam control or virus checking, not both. Furthermore, most products have not yet addressed the size issue.

Because of its unique design, ClearMail does not require constant vendor updates or other third-party updates, a "feature" that plagues many other e-mail add-on products. This greatly reduces the administration overhead and the long term cost of ClearMail making it attractive both to IT Management and Senior Management.

ROI (Return on Investment ) calculations for ClearMail show an immediate payback in less than two weeks using very conservative estimates. Assuming only 1/2 of the accepted estimated cost per spam ( $.50 ) and an average of five spams per user per day, at full list price ClearMail pays for itself in only eight days!

All companies share all three of these problems to some extent. Given the proliferation of e-mail, all companies will need something to handle these issues - The choice is clear - ClearMail.

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