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Information Technology Solutions that Make a Difference

We offer a wide array of Information Technology solutions. Some vertical, some horizontal. Take a stroll down our electronic aisle... If you see something you like, click it!

Spam, spam, spam. We hate it. Not the food, mind you, but the waste that fills up our Inboxes and has become the plague of the Internet. We looked at all of the filters for blocking spam and tried many of them. The ones you set and forget only blocked about half the spam that came in. The ones you had to fiddle with, well, all we ever did was fiddle with them. "There's got to be a better way..." we thought. And there is! Click the link to learn more about how ClearMail turns the spam problem on its head!

Information Sharing
Keeping your field staff on the same page as your office staff; letting customers review their order status on-line; all this and more is available with our innovative solutions. Click the link to learn more...

Our Legal Assistant for Workgroups solution can revolutionize the way information flows through your firm, replacing traditional, time-consuming methods of filing, retrieving, researching, and documentation. It's intuitive: a one-stop resource that supports all your firm's daily tasks. Plus you can take it with you. So if you are in the office or in the courtroom, you have full access to your entire case file. Click the link to learn more...

Customers Welcome!
Would you make a difference at your organization if you could make it easier for your customers to do business with you?

You already have a team of specialists for your industry. We help you and your team brainstorm how to strengthen your relationship with your customers by simplifying how they work with you. Instructional videos, web site improvements, customer service initiatives or insert your idea here.

Call us today to learn more about this fun and exciting process - 847-394-0266.