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Where Is Everyone?

Ever ask yourself that? Maybe its an emergency and you need to get a hold of Kendall right now. Maybe its not an emergency and you just want to see if Taylor is available for lunch. Well, now there is an easy way to get that innocent question answered.

The Locator easily and quickly lets you see where everyone will be during a given week. On one screen, you can see everyone's whereabouts for an entire week. In the office on Monday, at Customer A Tuesday morning, at Vendor B Wednesday afternoon, in the office Thursday, on vacation Friday. It's not as personal as sharing your calendar. Plus you can add tons of information for each week that everyone can access with a click. What phone number to reach you at, what flights you will be on, what hotel you are staying at, you get it. This is stuff you don't normally put in your calendar anyway.

Everyone can edit his or her own entries. Or you can have a department secretary manage the list if you prefer. Either way, it is like having that magnetic "IN-OUT" board or enhanced vacation list on your computer or, for you road warriors, your laptop that travels with you. Create an entry for this week in just a minute or two. Then click a button, and a whole year of entries with the default of "In Office" appear like magic. Now, at the beginning or end of each week, just update your entries for the coming week and you are set!

It only takes a few minutes to download and setup. Oh, and its free, too. So take it for a spin today. Just click our download link and the rest is easy.

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