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Calendar Docket

How would it be if, by entering an appointment on one desktop, the information would be automatically shared at all stations? LAW does that. The Calendar/Docketing feature enables users to easily enter and track all crucial dates and appointments; for all client matters, using a universal group calendaring system for your entire firm. And it's just as reliable for partners who are halfway around the world as it is for the paralegals in the office down the hall. Enjoy complete, seamless, and up-to-the-minute schedule tracking and sharing.

Access your calendar entries by what you know: date, client, matter, court case number--whatever information you have at hand--to quickly and easily verify appointments, meetings, and depositions. Forward invitations to colleagues without leaving your calendar screen, and be assured that you can add descriptions and comments to each calendar item. For your discreet, personal calendar, or to share with clients and staff. Now that's flexibility!

. . . and that's LAW.

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