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Welome to the Corrigan Consulting Extranet!

Our extranet is a secure, password protected area of our web site that
enables us to share sensitive information with our customers. If you are
one of our customers and if you have a user name and password, then
just enter these values below and you will be connected to our extranet.

If you are not a customer and would like to learn more about how easy
it is to set up a secure, private extranet so your organization can connect
with its customers, then just call us at 1-847-394-0266.

Please identify yourself:
Customers Welcome!
Would you make a difference at your organization if you could make it easier for your customers to do business with you?

You already have a team of specialists for your industry. We help you and your team brainstorm how to strengthen your relationship with your customers by simplifying how they work with you. Instructional videos, web site improvements, customer service initiatives or insert your idea here.

Call us today to learn more about this fun and exciting process - 847-394-0266.