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Matter Database

There are two facets of a matter database: the working side, which allows associates to enter and track pleadings, motions, letters between your firm and opposing counsel, and other records related to the evolution of a case; and the facts side, which consists of the case depositions, exhibits, evidence, and documents, such as newspaper clippings. LAW delivers these information sources in a single, centralized data source which is accessible throughout your firm.

Corrigan Consulting designed it to operate within the security parameters you set: partners, paralegals, and associates have full access as you deem appropriate. Information sharing is thorough and intuitive, so you don't need to spend billable hours creating a multitude of binders; each of which requires exhaustive coding and indexing. Instead, as you gather case information, simply enter it into your LAW system. Retrieval is merely a matter of point and click.
Print it.
Email it.
Spend your time with the facts of the case; not searching through cases of facts.

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