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ClearMail Customer Quotes

Tried it, loved it, bought it !!! What more can I say?
More and more users were complaining about spam. We tried using the features available through Domino with little or no success. We then evaluated several 3rd party products over several weeks. Not only did they let through spam but even worse they stopped numerous important business messages. Server based, client based and even managed products, they were all equally ineffective.

I found a few internet postings about a little known Lotus Advisor Editors’ Silver Choice. I had already tried their Gold Choices and was not satisfied. Clearmail was exactly what we needed. It turned out to be a simple, effective and manageable solution. From installation, to configuration, to rollout and to end-user use, it was by far the best product. Clearmail changed the end-users opinion of our IT department. We went from uncaring, to ineffective, to restrictive and finally with Clearmail to become heros.

-- T.W. IT Director, North American Transportation Firm

Several users, including myself, were getting over 50 spam messages a day and we would sometimes miss important emails in the middle of it all. We're a small firm and needed a low-cost and reliable software package to filter our spam. ClearMail was the second product we tried and we were immediately hooked. The set up was easy and it was very easy to train end users. Since adding ClearMail we have all cleaned up our In Box and our mail files have gotten smaller now that everyone has a simple way to filter and delete their junk mail.

Tom Woodrum
Systems Administrator
Anness, Gerlach & Williams, CPAs

"My personal experience is instead of getting 200 unwanted emails per day, I receive none in my Inbox. When the opportunity presents itself during the day, I go to my spam folder and look through the email from unknown senders. I sort them down by sender so I can delete them in groups if necessary, routing the ones from valid senders over to my Inbox (you only have to do this once per sender).

The outcome? Less time spent on unwanted email and what time I do spend on it is at my choosing."
-- Ron Vaught, DPS Inc.

I am the IT Manager for a medium sized law firm. We have been using ClearMail for a little over six months. I find it very easy to use and it has stopped the daily assault of junk and spam into my inbox. It takes very little time to scan the spam folder for legitimate e-mails and then you just trash the rest. It has made my job a lot easier and I don't get the daily complaints from everyone.
-- C.L. Information Technology Manager

"ClearMail works great! I'm not very good at this (technical) stuff, and I thought the installation and setup was easy. Now I spend much less time dealing with spam. I really like how I don't have to go through all that spam when I am out of the office using my handheld computer."
-- R.H., Partner, mid-size Chicago law firm.

"Every aspect of ClearMail has made a dramatic impact on our business. Personally, I get 40-60 spams a day, now with ClearMail I am able to efficiently use my Inbox again. ClearMail traps about 80 e-mails with executables a month, and we only have 185 mail users. ClearMail's space saving features allow us to keep our mail files under 150 Meg where some were over 1 Gig."
-- M.K. IT Director, mid sized Chicago manufacturing company.

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