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Welcome to the new CorriganInc.com Web Site!

We are excited about our website update for two key reasons. First, besides looking much better than our old site, the new site makes it much easier for you to find what you are looking for. The previous site had a fairly linear set of links from page to page. Our new site uses more of a tree structure. The net result is each page lets you directly link to just about any other page on the site.

We have also added "breadcrumb navigation" and site search features. The breadcrumb navigation appears in the upper left part of each web page and shows you where you are in the site. For example, on this page you will see Home :: Articles & News :: December, 2005 :: New Web Site in the upper left part of the web page. This means that this page is part of the December, 2005 Newsletter, which in turn is part of the Articles & News section of our site, which is... well, you get the idea. The site search feature appears in the upper right of each web page. Here, you can enter any search term, click the Search button, and then you are presented with a list of pages from our web site that contain your search term.

The second reason we are excited about delivering our new web site is it showcases many of the great features of Lotus Notes. For example, all the great features we just talked about are all automatic. We simply add content to our web site database and it handles the rest! The navigation menu on the left, the breadcrumb navigation and the site search are all updated automatically whenever we publish something new in the web site database. Lotus Notes agents and other code make this automation possible. This, in turn, makes it easier than ever for us to add new content to our web site. The business benefit here is that it is a well known fact that providing fresh new content on a regular basis is one of the foremost methods for ensuring repeat visits to your website.

The extremely secure Domino Web Server plays a key role here as well. The Domino Web Server gives us the ability to host the web site internally so we maintain complete control over all aspects of the hosting environment. We don't have to worry about how well somebody else is managing their firewall, physical security, backup system, and so on. The secure part enables us to host sensitive internal information without any worries. For example, the Extranet link takes you to a login screen where you must enter a user ID and a password to gain access to the secure portions of our web site. This is where we host our product download area and other Intranet related items like our mail databases and other internal applications.

In future articles, we will take you behind the scenes to give you more detail and a better understanding for the technical features of our new web site and, more importantly for the business benefits we are experiencing as a result of our upgrade.

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