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Announcing the General Availability of ClearMail 2.5

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of ClearMail Enterprise is now available for download. ClearMail Enterprise version 2.5 has two key new features. The first enables Domino Administrators to configure ClearMail Enterprise so it will block "spoofed" e-mail spam. This class of spam messages appears to come from your domain, often times using the same mail address for the "recipient" field and for the "from" field. Since the message appears to come from your domain, previous versions of ClearMail would treat the message as a local message and deliver it into your Inbox. Once a Domino Administrator adds the mail domains being hosted by your Domino server and SMTP server IP addresses to the ClearMail Preferences, ClearMail is able to determine if a message has a spoofed "from" value.

The second key feature available in ClearMail Enterprise 2.5 is the ability to purge spam in end user mail databases. The ClearMail Preferences screen now allows Domino Administrators to specify how many days a spam message may remain in an end user's spam folder in his or her mail database. With this option enabled, any message in an end user's spam folder that is older than the number of days specified will be deleted on a daily basis.

Current customers may click on the Extranet link on the Corrigan Consulting Web Site to go to the Download area of the site. From there they can download the complete upgrade package. If you have any questions about ClearMail or problems downloading or using the upgrade package, please contact us at 1-8-Notes-Xprt (1-866-837-9778) in the United States and Canada or 1-847-394-0266 worldwide.

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