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The Last Address Book You'll Ever Use

At many organizations there is a need to send broadcast e-mail. At many organizations, that need goes unfulfilled, or filled poorly or filled expensively. The good news is we offer a free broadcast e-mail solution for Lotus Notes mail users. Yes, you read correctly, free.

At the core of our solution is an Address Book that allows you to create any number of mailing lists. These mailing lists can be used to create and send broadcast e-mail messages. Send it to one person, send it to a thousand. The mailing lists make it easy for you to create opt-in lists - someone opts-in, add them to the list, they opt out, remove them from the list (or put them in the opt-out version of that list). Some more benefits of this solution...
    • Each person receives a mail message that is addressed only to them.
    • Each person can be on any number of mailing lists.
    • Each mailing list can hold thousands of names
    • The broadcast message can be scheduled to start sending e-mails after hours so there is minimal impact on your prime-time bandwidth.
    • The broadcast e-mail can also be configured to perform broadcast fax (contact us for more information on this).

The Address Book application that forms the core of our broadcast e-mail solution has many other useful features. Actually, it is the very nature of the information stored in address books that enables us to provide all these cool features. If you think about it, after e-mail, your address book application is probably the application you use the most. Oftentimes you use it without even thinking -- for e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other useful tidbits of information.

Information Sharing

Perhaps the best thing we did was to enable the Address Book to be shared across your organization. Don't worry, everyone is not going to be able to see Aunt Marge's entry in your address book. What we have found is that our customers use the our shared Address Book for customer, prospect and vendor information, while personal entries continue to be placed in personal address book. Once you implement an Address Book that is shared with everyone at your organization, including people who work in the field, then everyone is able to work from the same collection of name, address, phone and e-mail information. So, when a change is made by someone in the office or in the field, the update is seen by everyone.

Putting Shared Information to Work

Now that everyone is using the same Address Book they can...
    • track information on key customers, suppliers and partners (everyone added to the address book is categorized like this).
    • print mailing labels and envelopes with a few clicks.
    • integration with your e-mail system lets enables this shared address book for e-mail addressing, so there is one location for name, address, phone and e-mail.
    • easily see the relationship between companies, their locations, and the people who work there.
    • everyone can have their own list of favorite contacts to give them their own private address book within the same shared address book.
    • pull the entire address book or just their favorite contacts to their handheld device.
    • track who has made recent changes to each address book entry.

Since this is the same Address Book that is used for our broadcast mail solution discussed earlier, it has the same price as the Address Book for our broadcast mail solution. It's free. So, what are you waiting for? Click our download link already and start taking advantage of this great solution today.

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