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Knowledge and Information Sharing Solutions that Make a Difference

Knowledge. Information. Data. Every organization has some. Many organizations think they have too much. The key to this puzzle is not whether you have too much or too little. The key is getting the right stuff to the right people at the right time.

Let me say that again.

The key to managing your knowledge, information and data resources is getting the right knowledge, information or data to the right person at the right time.

It almost sounds easy when you spell it out that way. But we all know that achieving this noble goal is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. That's why some organizations spend untold thousands, millions even, implementing ERP products or CRM products. All in the effort to solve knowledge, information and data management issues.

So, do we have the magic wand that solves all these problems for your organization? Wouldn't that be nice for both of us...

What we do have are intuitive, easy to implement solutions that can make a difference in your day-to-day workflow. Intuitive means you and your staff do not need a lot of training to get up and running on our knowledge and information sharing solutions. It also means you don't have to fight with it to get it to do what you want it to do. Easy to implement means anyone who can install and configure an office suite can install our solutions. And finally, the most important measure, making a difference means you get to spend more time achieving your goals rather than trying to figure out how to improve your organization's ability to share knowledge and information. In fact, if our solutions don't make a difference for you, why bother?

Here is a brief overview of our solutions. Follow the links below to learn more about how you can make a difference at your organization with our solutions.

Address Book
An address book? No we are not kidding. This solution is so key that it provides the foundation for several of our best solutions. Does everyone at your organization work from the same address book for information on key customers, suppliers and partners? Both the office and the field staff? Again, it is one of those things that sounds so simple, but few organizations are doing it.Can your address book do this?
    • track information on key customers, suppliers and partners?
    • be easily shared with everyone at your organization, both office and field staff?
    • easily group people into one or more mailing lists?
    • send broadcast e-mail and fax messages?
    • print mailing labels and envelopes with a few clicks?
    • integrate with your e-mail system so you have one location for name, address, phone and e-mail?
    • easily show the relationship between companies, their locations, and the people who work there?
    • let you have your own list of favorite contacts to give you your own private address book within the same shared address book?
    • pull the entire address book or just your favorite contacts to your handheld device?
    • track who has made recent changes to each address book entry?

The good news about our Address Book solution is that we would like you to start using it today. Free! And no, this isn't cripple-ware. It is the complete Address Book. Use it for a week, use it forever, use it yourself, use it with hundreds of others at your organization. Click over to our download area to start reaping the benefits of this great solution (well, that's what our customers call it).

The Locator
No, this isn't the name of a book or a television show. It is an unusual solution that helps you keep track of everyone's whereabouts. Big brother? Not really. If you work at a restaurant or factory environment where everyone is at the same location most every day, then skip over this one. But if you have people who are in and out all week long, then I am sure that on more than one occasion you have had trouble figuring out where someone was. The Locator makes this easy. Everyone can enter his or her location a week at a time. You can easily create all of your entries for this year with the default of "in the office". Then, once a week or so you take a minute or two to update The Locator with your visit to Customer A on Tuesday, Plant B on Wednesday and Vendor C on Thursday. Now, with a quick glance at The Locator, everyone at your office can see where you are on a given day. Likewise, you can see where everyone else is too.

Our SalesCor solution is designed to help your field sales force stay connected with your office. When your field sales force is out in the field, doing what they do best, you know it is a challenge to keep them up to date with events in your office. Customer inquiries. New customer leads. Product issues. Customer issues. Marketing updates. The list goes on and on. Sure, e-mail and cell phones have provided some relief for these issues. But, to be honest, e-mail and cell phones are lousy record keepers. With SalesCor, all of the meetings, phone calls and action items that take place day to day are all captured and filed by customer. Your field sales force uses the same exact database as your office staff. So everyone is literally working from the same page, singing from the same song sheet. One huge benefit to this approach is your management team can refer to this database to keep the pulse of your customer base. This means that just by using SalesCor on a daily basis, there is a reduced need for creating the dreaded weekly or monthly sales report. All of the information is already in SalesCor! There is so much more to this solution, so click the link to see it all.

Business E-mail Integration
There is no question that e-mail has changed the way we all do business. Remember fax machines? As great as e-mail is, it has, by default, become the be-all end-all application for just about everybody. It is an enormous filing cabinet of office issues, customer issues, project issues; things to do are kept in your Inbox, and on and on. Before long, giant mail files have to be archived to keep them manageable.

But if you stop and think about it, eighty to ninety percent of the stuff you get in your Inbox belongs somewhere else. Customer issues belong in your customer database. Project issues belong in the corresponding project database. Office issues belong... you get the idea. The benefits to this approach are numerous...
    • New employees can immediately get up to speed on customer status, project status, whatever status.
    • When someone leaves your organization, all of the business information he accumulated is not locked in his mail file.
    • Smaller e-mail files, no archive headaches.
    • Reduced storage, back-up and other management costs
    • Improved knowledge and information sharing and retention for your organization.

Our Business E-mail Integration solution simplifies the process of taking information from the Inbox and moving it to a database that is shared with the right people.

E-mail was the start of something good. Our Business E-mail Integration solutions make this something good even better.

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