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LAW - Legal Assistant for Workgroups

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LAW, or "Legal Assistant for Workgroups," can help your law firm because it packs more resources into an affordable solution. Its dynamic efficiency helps mid-sized and larger firms to thrive, while offering the flexibility which readily adapts to the needs of corporate law offices and other, nonlitigation-based practices. LAW is a true solution for managing your firm's client matter information, and for keeping you in constant contact with all of your firm's resources. No matter where. No matter when.

LAW can revolutionize the way information flows through your firm, replacing traditional, time-consuming methods of filing, retrieving, researching, and documentation. It's intuitive: a one-stop resource that supports all of a firm's daily tasks. You can have peace of mind knowing that LAW operates in one of the most secure environments on the market today. Keep using your favorite programs. LAW can integrate readily with virtually any software, assuring that your standard procedures change only when you want them to; if you want them to. With LAW, your office will always work the way you want it to. Use all of LAW. Use part of LAW.

This groupware product is truly flexible, enabling you to format case information the way you need it, from your desktop or laptop; in the office or out of the country. At the touch of a button. You don't have to become a computer expert, or juggle several different software programs. And remember, LAW can accept files from other sources, such as MSWord, affording you greater flexibility when assembling case information such as depositions, pleadings, and transcripts. Please feel free to browse the Features Directory links to the left for more detailed information on how LAW can streamline the flow of information through your office.

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